Cancun's underwater museum

Now, there is one more reason to visit Cancun! Check out the following press release about the World's largest underwater museum right here in Cancun!

"I am excited that this will become the beginning of the world's largest underwater museum. This is a unique opportunity to explore the boundaries of art and combine it with reef conservation" said Jason de Caires Taylor, British underwater sculptor of the unique sculptures.

The main piece will encompass between 300 and 400 lifelike figures based on actual living people. Once the first phase of the project is completed, other artists will be encouraged to submit their own sculptures and contribute to this unique museum.

The National Park's director, Jaime Gonzalez Cano, calculates that by April 2010 there will be approximately 250 sculptures in the underwater museum. "The underwater museum will draw many visitors, allowing us to give a rest to the natural reefs. It's like a restoration process" Gonzalez explained. Upon the opening of the museum, divers will be required to gain experience in artificial habitats and snorklers will continue to wear life jackets for buoyancy to prevent damaging the natural corals and the new artificial habitats.

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